Terrigal Rugby Club History

A long tradition of rugby at the haven has produced some classic moments, victories and characters over the years

Tom, DAVID MILNE UPDATE As a further note on David I have found through several Skypes (using his son Bob) that he is in Great shape. He seems to have settled in to living in Sanich with Bob. His long term memory is way better than mine ever was and who cares what we did 3 minutes ago. Both were in fine form and there were no vacuums as everyone had something to add to the conversation. The most startling part of the skype was Dave?s admission (confirmed by Hebb) that he was not the original Mr. Tr0jan. Dave conceded that the origin founder of the Tr0jans was George Jones. I for one have never met this man, but he pulled David from UBC and used local players from Shaunigan Lake school and St George to form the first existence of the Tr0jans. Anyone care to add to this revelation? On one last note of Trojan business I went to the Trojan Long Lunch here in Terrigal, last week. This is a unbelievable testament to the continued Trojan force started in Vancouver all those years ago and nurtured by so many of you guys on various tours here. The lunch was too big for the Clubhouse as 150 high-powered wannabes assembled at the Wamberal Country club. Former Wallaby coach Allan Jones was the guest speaker. It was a sight to see that a fundraiser (that probably was only 5% players) was attended by every solicitor, accountant, mayor, past mayor and wannabe mayor. All wanting to spend money ($50 raffle tickets) and somehow be a Trojan. Believe me the Trojan spirit lives on. regards Alfie

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